Hobo 3

Hobo 3 is one of enjoyable and weird fighting games. This is the third installment of hilarious Hobo series. According to the story of this installment, our friend homeless Hobo this time escaped from prison, and now he is a wanted fugitive. The government wants Hobo alive or dead. Therefore, your mission is to help him to deal with many troubles along his path in this game.

How To Play Hobo 3 Unblocked

In this enjoyable unblocked games, you will use the A, P, Q, S and Arrow keys in order to control homeless Hobo. The A key allows you to punch and pick up some objects. After picking up an object, you should press the A key again in order to throw it. You can also pick up a gun with the A key, and you can shoot by pressing the A key again. Besides that, you should use the S key for kicking and stuff.

As the Up Arrow lets you move the upward, the Down Arrow lets you move the downward. Moreover, you can move the forward with the Right Arrow, and you can move the backward with the Left Arrow. If you want to run, you should press one of these arrow keys twice.

If you want to toggle the graphics quality, you should press the Q key. Also, if you want to pause the game, you should press the P key. The P key also allows you to see the list of combos. You should keep in mind that using these combos helps you to deal with more damage and stronger enemies.

The List Of Combos

You can use the following combos to perform special attacks:

  • A + A + S
  • S + S + A
  • A + S
  • A + D
  • S + A
  • A + S + A
  • S + A + S
  • A + S + S
  • A + S + A + S
  • S + A + S + A