Hobo 6 Hell

Hobo 6 Hell that is also one of unblocked games in unblocked games 66 is fun fighting game. This is the sixth installment of the interesting Hobo series. According to the story of this installment, our Hobo felt asleep after he defeated all aliens on the spacecraft. However, something was going wrong! The oxygen in the spacecraft finished slowly, and because there was no enough air to breath, Hobo died.

After he died, he woke up in the hell. What is he going to do now? Of course, he will continue to wreak havoc, fighting against the demons. Therefore, in this one of unblocked games, your goal is to help Hobo deal with all demons throughout his path. During the game, you should try to avoid the hell fire spots on his way because they lead to lose his health. Also, you should keep your energy for the final boss, the red Satan with wings and horns because it is really powerful and hard to defeat.

How To Play Hobo 6 Hell

In this installment of Hobo series, you will use the Arrow keys, A, S and P keys in order to help Hobo defeat all the hell creatures by controlling him. You can press the Up Arrow to move him to the upward as you can press the Down Arrow to move him to the downward. Also, you can press the Left Arrow for forward, you can press the Right Arrow for backward. Besides that, you can make Hobo run by pressing one of them twice.

If you want to punch the demons or pick up some items on the ground and throw it to the demons, you should use the A key. Moreover, in order to kick the demons, you can press the S key. You can also toggle the graphics quality by using the Q key. Finally, you can use the P key for pausing the game and see the list of combos.

Tricks and Tips For Hobo 6 Hell

In Hobo 6 Hell, the most important things can be creating combos. Because this helps you deal more damage and also paralyze the enemies. Unlike the other older 5 versions of Hobo game, in this version, you will have 3 more combos. After achieving new combos, you will have a code. You should write down this code in order to make Hobo be able to use this combos again when you come back to the game.