Hobo Prison Brawl

Hobo Prison Bawl which is one of unblocked games like ones in unblocked games 66 is one installment of weird and funny Hobo series. In the previous installment called as Hobo Brawl, we left Hobo in prison happily. However, he have behaved improperly, of course, and now all guards and inmates hate him. We know that he is not really likable, but still do not understand how he can achieve to make everybody hate himself. Whatever, Hobo does not care any of these guards, inmates and even the government. He is demented to fight them all!

Well, are you ready to help him to fight them all! In this one of unblocked games, you will control our beloved Hobo in order to help him again. You will fight dirty by using the special combo moves of Hobo. These combo moves can be farts, spit, poop and other bodily fluids. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to use six different combo moves. These combo moves are following:

  • A + A + S
  • S + S + A
  • A + S
  • S + A
  • A + S + A
  • S + A + S

Throughout the progress of levels, you will unlock 3 more combo moves. These combo moves are following:

  • A + S + S
  • A + S + A + S
  • S + A + S + A

How To Play Hobo Prison Bawl

In Hobo Prison Bawl, you should use the A, P, S and Arrow keys in order to help our homeless Hobo defeat all guards and inmates by controlling him. While in order to move him to the upward, you should use the Up Arrow, in order to move him to the downward, you should use the Down Arrow. Moreover, the Left Arrow can be used for moving forward and the Right Arrow can be used for moving backward. Also, you should press one of these direction keys twice for making Hobo run.

You can punch your enemies or pick up an object and throw it by pressing the A key. Also, the S key allows you to kick them. If you want to toggle quality, you should press the Q key. Besides that, the P key can be used to pause the game.