Iron Man: Riot Machines

Iron Man: Riot Machines which is one of unblocked games is an interesting and exciting action game. We guess that you know Tony Stark. He is an intelligent son of weapons manufacturer Howard Stark and his wife named Maria. He grew up with tendency to technology and a brilliant mind. Naturally, he followed his father’s footsteps, and he also became an industrialist by designing lots of weapons.

One day, Tony was kidnapped by terrorists, and his life started to change. They forced Tony to create a devastating weapon. However, instead of this, Tony built an armored suit. The first suit needed many improvements but still Tony could return to America thanks to it. After returning to America, he created a new and more powerful armored suit, and he decided to use this one to combat threats to the world. Then, He became Iron Man!

Thank’s to Iron Man’s helmet, Tony has the 360 degree vision, the ability to transmit, the ability to block transmissions and a degree of resistance to psychic based attacks. Moreover, there is a weapon in the chest of the armored suit. This weapon is even more powerful than the repulser ray.

In Iron Man: Riot Machines in hot unblocked games, you will start to play with Tony. As you progress through the levels, you will find the items of Iron Man. When you find them, you will become Iron Man, and you have a chance to experience this crazy adventure with him. Your mission is to run the destination safely by destroying all enemies in your path.

During this one of unblocked games, you should jump between platforms, use the walls to boost the jump and kick or shoot to your enemies. If you do not kill your enemies, they will kill you. When they attack you, your HP bar will decrease. Finally, when it drops to zero, you will lose. Also, do not remember your time is limited. You will have an assigned time to complete your mission for each level.

How To Play Iron Man: Riot Machines

In Iron Man: Riot Machines, there are 7 keys are important for you. These keys are the Arrow keys, C, X and space bar keys. You should use the Arrow keys in order to make classical movements with your character such as upward, downward, backward and forward. While you can kick your enemies by pressing the C key, you can shoot them by using the X key. Moreover, you can jump jump between platforms and make double jump by using the space bar.

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