JackSmith which is one of unblocked games is an adventure game for a great story lovers. In other words, if you enjoy games with well written stories, this is what you need. In this game, your character is a donkey on a missin.

According to the story of game, your donkey, Jack is a talented blacksmith. He has a furry apprentice whose name is Scout. These two really love their job, but they have trouble with paying the bills. In the land where they live, there is a great kingdom, a royalty. The King is Plumpfeather and the Queen is Hildread. They have a lovely daughter named Liliana. One day, Liliana was kidnapped by a lonely wizard named Dudley who was obsessed with her. Dudley used powerful phoenix staffs and a bunch of elemental spells while kidnapping her. Then, he created a cruel army.

After all of this traumatic situations, the King announced that he has a reward for any brave soul who could save his daughter. When Jack heard that, he got excited because if you remember, he desperately needs money. He packed up the forces and hit the road with Scout in order to save the princess. Jack could craft a perfect weapon, but the thing is he is not that good at using a weapon. Therefore, he needs your help very much!

How To Play JackSmith

In order to save princess by crafting best weapons and manning your forces, it is enough to use your mouse only. You should just follow the in-game instructions to design weapons such as shields, swords, bows, etc. by clicking the left mouse button. 

During JackSmith, one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games, many soldier will give weapon orders. You should take orders, and then craft their weapons in your hands-on blacksmith shop. In the crafting process of a weapon, you will perform some interesting tasks such as smelting the metal, hammering it, placing a hilt… After the orders are completed, your soldiers will attack to the army of Dudley. While fighting this army, you should collect loots and better ores in order to create better weapons.

About Crafting

In the game, there are many types of ore which you can use to craft weapons. These ores are bronze, steel, copper, iron, gold and crystal. At the beginning of the game, some of these material cannot be available. However, they will be available as you progress. Keep in mind that better ores mean better weapons, and better weapons mean increasing possibility of rescuing the princess. 

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