Learn to Fly 2

Learn to Fly 2 is a very enjoyable arcade type of game. According to the story of this unblocked games 66, one day, a penguin read his species cannot fly while stumbling upon Wikipedia. This made the penguin very angry. At that point, the penguin decided to show the world that penguins can fly. In this game, you will control this crazy penguin. You will try to prove the world that by using blinders and rockets.

Throughout the progress of levels, you will earn money. Keep in mind that the more distance you fly the more money you get. After earning money, you can use it for buying upgrades. There are 4 types of upgrades in this game. These are sleigh, glider, boost and payload.

  • The Sleigh Updates: You can increase your acceleration and take off speed with the sleigh updates. You have 7 different sleigh options that are the plank, good O1’ sled, bobsleigh, the plank mark 2, spring box, boom box and e1 bouncy.
  • The Glider Updates: You can control speed with the glider updates. There are 13 glider options in the game. These are kite, old glider, hang glider, H.I.G.H tech, ultralight trike, Pingu balloon, umbrella, ultralight aircraft, parachute, zeppelin, old fan, propeller and whirlybird 512.
  • The Boost Updates: You can increase speed after he initial take off with the boost updates. There are 11 different boost options. These options are propulsor, sugar rocket, pulse jet, Thor ramjet, air balloon, fanned air, rocket firework, cruise missile, whistle rocket, auxiliary boosters and lift-off.
  • The Payload Updates: You can increase the power to destroy iceberg. There are 7 different payload options. These are sand, iron pellets, cast iron, osmium, dyna-might, C4 and nuclear warhead.

How To Play Learn to Fly 2 Unblocked

During Learn to Fly 2, you should use the A and D keys or the Left and Right Arrow to steer. If you want to use boost or rocket, you should use the space bar. For interaction, you should use the left mouse button.