Learn to Fly 3 Unblocked

Learn to Fly 3 is an arcade game that is provided by hot unblocked games. The game is based on a penguin who wants to fly even his pieces cannot fly. He think this is not a fact about his pieces, this is just a stupid rumor about them. He is decided to prove that, and you should help him to do that. As you can see, you will control a penguin and your mission is to make him fly by using rockets and blinders in this enjoyable arcade game. 

Upgrades Of Learn to Fly 3

In Learn to Fly 3, one of unblocked games, there are 4 kinds of upgrades. You can purchase these upgrades with the money that you earned after completing each level. Lets check these upgrades:

Launchers: Launchers allows you to start flying. The game offers 9 launcher options. These are coil, slingshot, tilt cannon, grenade, Russian roulette, explosives, powder cannon, alien bait and nuclear reactor.

Stages: Stages are your main thrusters. You do not need to press anything to use some of them while others can be stopped by holding the Down Arrow or S key. In this game, there are 9 stage options. They are balloon, fireworks, rocket, pulse jet, sonic burst, RPG, Banshee, ram jet and shuttle reactor. 

Boosts: Boosts offers many special perks. The game provides 9 boost options. These 9 options are auxiliary rockets, pressurized gas, fins, spin booster, dodgers, repeller, mini helpers, multi rockets and f1 bell nozzle. 

Bodies: Bodies affect number of slots open and your top speed. There are 9 bodies options including trash can, crate, ejector seat, rocket kit, pixels, jet, the bullet, escape pod and space shuttle. 

How To Play Learn to Fly 3

The game controls are the A, D, W, S, 1 to 4 number keys, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow and Down Arrow. For steering, you should either the Left and Right Arrow or the A and D keys. Besides that, for boosts, you should press one of the Up Arrow and W key. In order to stop certain stages, you should use the S key or Down Arrow. You can use single boosts by using 1 to 4 number keys.