Line Rider

Line Rider, one of unblocked games 66 in hot unblocked games, is among popular games on the Internet, nowadays. This popular game was released by Bostjan Cadez in 2006. After noticing that it becomes popular, the developer of this game creates many version by modifying the current one. I think the reasons of being a popular are its appealing graphics, scenery background and smooth sound effects. 

Generally, this one of unblocked games is based on drawing lines with the mouse. As you can guess, your task is to draw one or more lines by using the mouse in this game. When you draw line, you will let the boy ride through this line. After completing to draw a line, you should press the play button in order to start the slide. 

How To Play Line Rider Unblocked

When you start Line Rider, you will see that there is a panel that contains some tools on the top of the screen. You should choose the pencil tool from that panel. Then, by using this pencil tool, you should draw a line. After you finish to draw the line, you should click the play button that was placed in the panel. In this panel, there is also a stop button. This button allows you to go back to the track editor.

Now, lets check the game controls which are the H, D, Shift, Home, End, F, space bar and Tab keys!

  • H key: You can get additional help by pressing the H key.
  • D key: In order to drag the start point to a new location, you should hold down the D key.
  • Shift and D key: In order to reset the start point to the normal position, you should hold down both the Shift and D keys and click on the start point.
  • Home key: You can go to the start point with the Home key.
  • End key: You can go to the end of the last drawn line with the End key.
  • F key: If you want to go to the flag, you should press the F key.
  • Space bar: You can delete the last line by using the space bar. 
  • Tab key: If you want to display whole track, you can zoom out by using the Tab key. 

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