Mario Combat Deluxe

Mario Combat Deluxe that is one of unblocked games like ones in unblocked games 66 is a Super Mario themed action fighting game. In this amazing action game, you will control Mario. You remember Mario who is a pudgy and short Italian plumber and resides in the Mushroom Kingdom, right! In this unblocked game, your mission is to help Mario pass all difficulties, fight with his enemies and collect all golden coins along his path.

This version of Mario series comes with changed graphics while almost keeping the same game play. However, the new graphics of the game may be disappoint the old Mario fans who admire the old style pixel graphics. The game brings not only the new graphics but also some new combos and moves.

How To Play Mario Combat Deluxe Unblocked

During this action game, you should use the Left Arrow, Down Arrow, Right Arrow, A, S and D keys. In order to make Mario move to the right, you should press the Right Arrow, and in order to make him move to the left, you should press the Left Arrow. If you want to make him crouch, you should use the Down Arrow. Besides that, you can make him jump by pressing the A key. You can attack his enemies with the S key. You can also use the D key for special attack.

Tricks and Tips For Mario Combat Deluxe

In order to boost up your score, you should get massive combos. You can explore these combos by using combination the S and D keys. Also, in order to explore them, you can use the combination of either the Down Arrow and S key or the Down Arrow and D key. Another important tip about the game can be that you sometimes need to do a super wall jump. In order do that, you should press the A key again when jumping onto a wall.