Metal Slug Rampage 4

Metal Slug Rampage 4 is one of shooting unblocked games in hot unblocked games. You can also play this game in unblocked games 66. We guess that you know Metal Slug. Primarily, it a series of run and gun nostalgic video games. Originally, it was created for Neo-geo arcade machines and game consoles. Nowadays, you can play many versions of Metal Slug in various platforms. The one of these versions, Metal Slug Rampage 4, features a small group of soldiers named as Peregrine Falcon Squad. These soldiers fight against aliens and many other forces.

Throughout Metal Slug Rampage 4, you will infiltrate into the enemy region and get all the hostile guards out of your way. Also, you will have to destroy the enemy choppers and tanks, and rescue the prisoners along your path. Rescuing the prisoners is really beneficial for you because they will offer you sometimes extra points, health packs or new weapons.

How To Play Metal Slug Rampage 4

The language of the game is a problematic situation because it is not English. Therefore, you need the instructions to start this one of unblocked games. First of all, you should click the second button on the main screen in order to view which keys are important to control your character during the game. You will see that these are the A, W, D, S, J, K and L keys.

Whereas, you can move your soldier to the left side by pressing the A key,  you can move him or her to the right side by pressing the D key. You should use the S key for ducking. In addition, you can aim upwards by pressing the W key and jump by using the K key. Finally, you can use the L key for throwing bomb and the J key for firing your weapon.

After taking a look at the controlling keys, you should choose one of difficulty levels from 3 buttons shown. Then, the game will offers 2 different soldiers who are Leo and Erica to you. Finally, you should select one of them to start the game.

Tricks and Tips For Metal Slug Rampage 4

Primarily, you should know that your ammo is limited, so you should use your weapons wisely. However, rescuing the prisoners may help you about that because it sometimes may lead to get ammo or even new weapon. Also, keep in mind that you should shoot your enemies before they shoot you because your lives are limitative, too.

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