Mighty Motors

Mighty Motors, an unblocked game, is one of racing games in hot unblocked games. In this game, you will race against the other cars in drag-race style. In other words, you will attempt to outspeed your competition, and you will reach the finish line before your opponents do in order to win. Therefore, we can say that your mission is to reach the finish line first in this unblocked game.

At the end of every race, you will be rewarded with cash foundation. You will earn this cash regarding how well you race, gear-shifting, amount bonuses, race time and multiplier for launch. By using this cash, you can update your current vehicle and also buy new ones. At the beginning of the game, your car is Blini 1.6 LX. The other cars that you can buy with your cash are DWLDI A7TDi, Merlindese F Series V6, AMW Z9, Globus Espirit, PUMA XMK V8, KONSTIG Superleerer, Fellani F720 EX, Limbodani taurus, Maclean P680, Bugazzi Viron and Tykan Gigante.

Furthoremore, you can buy upgrades with your cash. These upgrades are categorized in 5 different groups. These groups are engine, acceleration, wheels, weight and nitro. Each of these groups has 5 stages. This means that you can upgrade each of them maximum five times. You can also change the color of your car, buy new rims and purchase neon in the garage section.

How To Play Mighty Motors Unblocked

After starting the race, you should click on the pedal on the screen in order to try and keep the rev needle in the green area. In order to change gear, you should press the space bar when the rev needle reach the green marker. This is the way to control your car. As you can see it is really easy. You will use only the left mouse click and space bar in Mighty Motors. Regarding your success in the races, the new areas will be unlocked in the game map.