Moomoo io

Moomoo io is one of io games in hot unblocked games. This awesome game is all about collecting resources and building a village. During the game, you should hit rocks and trees in order to collect resources such as stones and wood. After collecting these resources, you should use them to build windmills and walls. You can provide protection to your windmills and resources by building walls. Also, you can gain points over time by building the windmills. 

As you progress, you will need to restore your HP. In order to achieve this, you should hit fruit bushes. When you hit a fruit bush, you will get food for restoration. If you wonder your goal in the game, it is to collect all resources on the map, earn gold and build settlement. In other words, your mission is to level up by collecting resources. After you level up, you will be able to choose different upgrades. 

How To Play Moomoo io

The game controls are the W, A, D, S, space bar, E, Q, X, R, C, Enter, Esc and 1 to 9 number keys in Moomoo io. Firstly, you should move your mouse to look around. For classic movements, you should use the W, A, D and S keys. While the space bar should be used for attacking or gathering, the E key is for auto attack. If you want to select an item, you should use the 1 to 9 number keys. Besides that, the Q key is for quick selecting food. 

Moreover, in order to lock rotation, you should press the X key. You should use the R key for pinging minimal whereas you should press the C key to add map marker. Also, you can chat with other by using the Enter key. If you want to close windows, you should press the Esc key.