Motor Bike

Motor Bike which is one of unblocked games is a general motor bike action game. There are lots of that kind of game on the Internet. However, this game is best know for its graphics. In this exciting game, you goal is to drive far across each level without getting damaged. You should be very careful about staying away trouble. Because even the smallest damage cause losing one of your lives. You have 5 lives during each level. If you lose all of your lives, the game is over. Therefore, you should be patient for being successful.

How To Play Motor Bike

This game that can be played in also unblocked games 66 offers many levels for you, so you will have bunch of challenges. However, the game environment and also your character is not selective.

In this one of unblocked game, you should use the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow and P keys in order to achieve your goal. If you want to accelerate your motor bike, you should press the Up Arrow. On the other hand, you should press the Down Arrow in order to decelerate your motor bike or move it to the backward. Moreover, you can lean the backward by pressing the Left Arrow. If you want to lean the forward, you should press the Right Arrow. During the game, you have a chance to pause the game by pressing the P key.

Tricks and Tips For Motor Bike

This one of unblocked games starts with the default difficulty level that was decided by the developer of game. In other words, you cannot select the difficulty level. This level will increase when you complete each level of game. For completing each level of this challenging game, there are some beneficial tips. These beneficial tips are following:

  • The most important thing in this game is to create a balance during driving your motor bike. Keep in mind that you should create the balance and maintain it at the end of each level.
  • In order not to get too pissed off the game, when you think you are stuck in a level, you should just take a rest.
  • You should keep it as steady and slow as possible.
  • During the game, you should not rush, you should take your time. Also, you should estimate the possible next challenge.
  • Finally, watching your head is very crucial. You know the most important part of your body is head, right! Therefore, you should preserve your head.