My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro isan unblocked games in hot unblocked games. Lucky for you, you will have a supporter, a helper, a friend that is a banana in this amazing action game. The name of this banana is Pedro. Nobody can see your friend Pedro. The Pedro can be seen only by your character and you. In this game, your and Pedro’s goals are the same. It is to help your character for his big plan. This plan is kill all bad guys in order to make the world safer place. If you want to achieve your goals successfully, you should collect weapons and use them. 

This unblocked game is best know with the slow motion gameplay. In other words, it is popular thanks to letting players slow down. Moreover, the game allows you to perform wall jumps. 

The Game Achievements

In My Friend Pedro, an unblocked games 66, there are 6 different types of achievements. Here are those 6 achievements:

  • By gaining the “Guns Do Not Kill People” achievement, you should defeat 20 gangsters by using your knife.
  • You can get the “Wall Jumping Hot Shot” achievement by killing 3 gangsters just after a wall jump.
  • In order to get the “Splat-Attack” achievement, you should blow 20 gangsters into pieces.
  • You can gain the “Not A Scratch” achievement by finishing this game with the full health bar.
  • If you want to get the “Heads up” achievement, you should obtain 20 headshots.
  • You can gain the “Death From Above” achievement by killing 8 gangsters in mid-air.

How To Play My Friend Pedro Unblocked

The game controls are the S, A, W, D, space bar, R, Shift, P, left mouse button and number keys. In order to move your character to right, you should press the D key whereas in order to move him to left, you should press the A key. The W key should be used to jump. Also, the S key should be used to crouch. For slow motion mode, you should hold on the space bar or the Shift key. For switching your weapons, you should use the number keys. Moreover, the R key is for reloading and the P key is for pausing the game. To control your weapon, you should use your mouse. 

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