My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro that is an unblocked game is an exciting action game. In this game, you have a very supportive friend whose name is Pedro. Pedro is a banana. He is only visible for you. No one else can see him but you! He is with you to help for your big plan. In this game, your plan, your mission is to defeat all bad guys to make the world better place.

The most beautiful thing about the game is that you can slow down and experience the slow motion game playing. Besides that, you can perform some wall jump skills. In order to fulfill your mission, you should collect the weapons and use them wisely.

How To Play My Friend Pedro

In order to control your character, you should use the W, D, A, S, Shift, space bar, the left mouse click, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, R and P keys in the game. The A and D keys allows you to move the character to the left and right side whereas the W key let you make him jump. Also, you can make him crouch with the S key. If you want to play the game in slow motion mode, you should hold on either the Shift or space bar.

You can look around and aim your target by moving your mouse. After aiming your target, you should click the left mouse button to shoot him or her. If you have more than one weapon, you should use the number keys for switching your weapon. The R key allows you to reload your weapon. Besides that, the P key let you pause the game and open the game menu.

Achievements Of My Friend Pedro

In this unblocked game, there are 6 different achievements that can be gained by performing some tasks. These 6 achievements are following:

  • Guns do not kill people: You should kill 20 gangsters with the knife in order to get this achievement.
  • Wall jumping ot shot: You should kill 3 gangsters just after a wall jump in order to take this achievement.
  • Splat-attack: You should blow 20 gangsters in to pieces in order to gain this achievement.
  • Not a scratch: You should finish the game with full health in order to get this achievement.
  • Heads up: You should get 20 headshots in order to gain this achievement.
  • Death from above: You should kill 8 gangsters in mid air in order to take this achievement.