My New Room 2

My New Room 2 which is one of unblocked games like ones in unblocked games 66 is a new decoration game with the cutest theme. In this second installment of My New Room series, you will have more cool options like pets, backgrounds and music styles in order to create your amazing room. Therefore, your mission is to design a room in your own way.

During this one of unblocked games, you will use your designing and interior architecture skills. The game offers many items to design your room. These items are windows, doors, carpets, couches, tables, other furnitures, art pieces, some equipments, pets and some characters. Besides that, you can customize the color of the walls, ground and all items. Furthermore, you can create your own design and draw on your walls.

How To Play My New Room 2

In My New Room 2, you will use only your mouse in order to design your room. There is a panel in the right side of the game screen. This panel contains 9 icons. By clicking the first icon, you can select your windows, doors, carpets, curtains, stairs and columns. If you click the second icon, you can select your chairs, couches, tables, bookcases, beds, refrigerator, sink and other furnitures.

Also, you can choose your pillows, lams, followers and art pieces by clicking the third icon. In order to select your fun equipment, you should click the fourth icon. You can choose a pet by clicking the fifth icon. If you want to select your character, you should click the sixth icon. The seventh icon allows you to change the color of all items whereas the eight icon lets you create your own design and draw on your walls. Finally, the ninth icon can be used to change the color of your walls and ground.