My New Room 3

My New Room 3, a decoration game with a girly cute theme, is the third installment of My New Room series. In this new installment, you will have 2 more playing options. These options are challenges and saved rooms. Also, you will have more furnitures and items. With these furnitures and items, you need to do is to create your dream room.

In this decoration game, there are no rules. You should just listen to your inner voice and follow this voice. You will have many items to design your dream room. Therefore, this is going to be really fun with these items including doors, tables, windows, couches, carpets, pets, art pieces, some characters and equipments.

Playing Modes Of My New Room 3 Unblocked

When you start this unblocked game, you will see 3 playing options in the main menu. These options are challenges, free play and saved rooms. With the challenges mode, you can unlock new items by completing daily challenges. By choosing the free play mode, you can let your imagination run wild. Finally, with the saved rooms, you can create your own rooms. In this mode, you can create 10 rooms and save them by either printing or uploading them to your album.

How To Play My New Room 3

During the game, you will generally use your mouse to control the game environment and design your own world. After starting the game, you will see a panel with 12 icons in the right side of the game screen. Some of these icons allows you to select some household goods and place them. These household goods are couches, bookcase, chairs, tables, pillows, followers, beds, lambs, refrigerator, fun equipments, sink, art pieces and even a pet. Besides that, some of them let you draw on your walls and change the color of furnitures, walls and ground.