Neon Rider

Neon Rider, a side-scrolling motorcycle driving game, is an unblocked games. Therefore, the game can be played everywhere without blocking. With this game, you will go deep into the Tron universe. As you remember Tron is an science fiction action movie. According to the story of it, Sam is the son of an famous video game developer, Kevin Flynn. His father has been lost for a long time mysteriously. With a strange signal, Sam went to the arcade of his father. Then, he was pulled into a cyber world in which his father.

Furthermore, this cyber world was created by his father. After creating this universe, his father has been trapped in it for 20 years. Sam did not want to admit defeat, and started to find a way to escape from this universe with other fearless warrior Quorra and Kevin. However, first off all, they should learn how to survive in this universe with your help. In this game, your task is to make them learn how to use a neon motorcycle and finish tracks as fast as possible. During the game, you should use your fast reflexes and collect all bonuses by performing flips.

How To Play Neon Rider Unblocked

In Neon Rider, an unblocked game, there are 9 keyboard keys that are important for you. These keyboards keys are the Up Arrow, space bar, A, W, Down Arrow, D, Right Arrow, S and Left Arrow. In order to move your neon motorcycle and control it, you will use the W, A, S and D keys. The A key should be used to tilt left while the D key should be used to tilt left. The W key is for accelerating. Besides that, the S key is for braking.

You can change the color of your motorcycle with the Arrow keys. The Up Arrow is green, the Down Arrow is blue, the Left Arrow is red and the Right Arrow is yellow. Finally, you can use the space bar in order to restart the game at anytime.