Nitrome Must Die

Nitrome Must Die is a horror game in hot unblocked games. In this horror game, you need to find out the dark secret that Slendrina hides in the Forest. In order to unlock the secret, you need to find seven keys. When you are ready, watch out Slendrina, her child and her mother. Because these 3 are keeping the secret and guard it with their lives. 

How To Play Nitrome Must Die 

In Nitrome Must Die, you can use the W, A, S, D, G, R, F, Shift, space bar, Ctrl, C keys and your mouse as the game controls. You can walk around the game environment by using the W, A, S, D keys whereas you can look around by moving your mouse. Besides that, you can use the left mouse button to fire and you can use the right mouse button to aim. 

If you want to change weapons, you can use the mouse wheel. Also, you can use the G key for grenades as you can use the R key to reload your weapon. The F key is for picking up an item, the left Shift key is for making your character to run and the left Ctrl key is for making your character to crouch. Finally, you can prone by using the C key whereas you can make your character to jump by using the space bar.