One Piece vs Naruto

One Piece vs Naruto, an unblocked game, is an exciting fighting game. In this fighting game, you will control characters from Once Piece and Naruto anime. Like all other fighting games, your aim is to win all of the battles in the game.

Playing Modes Of One Piece vs Naruto

You can play this  in 2 different modes which are 1 player and 2 players modes. You can fight against either the computer or one of your friend. However, you should keep in mind that 2 players mode is the better option.

How To Play One Piece vs Naruto Unblocked

When you select 1 player mode, you will use the A, D, S, L, İ, K, U, J and O keys to control your fighter. In order to move your fighter, you should use the A and D keys. While the A key is for moving the left, the D key is for moving the right. For defense, you should press the S key. In order to dash, you should use the L key. If you want to clutch shot, you should use the İ key. Moreover, you can make your fighter jump with the K key. You can use the U key for far attack whereas you can use the J key for general attack. For help, you should use the O key.

When you select 2 players mode, the first player will use the A, D, S, L, İ, K, U, J and O keys to control his or her fighter. On the other hand, the second player will use the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Down Arrow, 3, 5, 2, 4, 1 and 6 keys to control his or her fighter. The Left and Right Arrow are for moving the fighter to the left and right side. The Down Arrow should be used for defense. While the 3 key is for dashing, the 5 key is for clutching shot. Besides that, the 2 key allows the second fighter jump. As the 1 key is for general attack, the 4 is for far attack. For help, the second player should use the 6 key.