Pacxon that is one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games is an action-packed, Packman type of arcade game. Actually, this game is like combination of two old games that are Packman and Xonix. The game provides you various levels with authentic graphics in order to make you have more fun in a nostalgic way.

In Pacxon, one of unblocked games, your aim is to fill the 80 percent of the board with blue boxes by moving around without being captured by any ghost. After reaching the 80 percent of the board coverage, you can see the next level. It may seem too easy, but it is not when those crazy ghosts are around you! They will not leave you alone during your mission. They will always follow you. Remember, you should not let them catch you and touch you! Because when they catch you, you will lose one life. If you consider you have limited lives (3 lives), you will not want to lose any of them. Keep in mind that you will lose one of your lives when a ghost touches not only the Pacxon but also its block path.

Throughout the game, you will see 4 different power-ups for short periods. These power-ups are Bananas, Cherries, Yellow Ball and Popsicle. You should be very fast to collect these power-ups. Each of them has unique features. 

  • Bananas: Bananas allow you to make crazy ghosts slow down.
  • Cherries: Cherries let you move faster to cover more empty spaces.
  • Yellow Ball: Yellow Ball is the most powerful power-up. It gives you a power to neutralize the ghosts.
  • Popsicle: Popsicle allows you to freeze the ghosts in order to fill more area with blue boxes.

Also, there are different types of ghost with different characteristics in this game. These ghosts are pink colored, orange colored, red colored and turquoise colored ghosts.

  • Pink Colored Ghosts: Pink colored ghosts move really fast. You have to be very careful about them because the possibility of being caught by one of them is very high. They cannot move on blue boxes.
  • Orange Colored Ghosts: Orange colored ghosts move on the first blue box lines. However, they cannot move on blue boxes totally.
  • Red Colored Ghosts: When this one touch a blue box, it can destroy it. They cannot move on blue boxes.
  • Turquoise Colored Ghosts: Turquoise colored ghosts move on only blue boxes.

How To Play Pacxon

In order to control your character and move it around game board, you should use Arrow keys. While the Up Arrow is for moving it to up, the Down Arrow is for moving it to down. As the Right Arrow lets you move it to the right, the Left allows you to move it to the left side.

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