Papa’s Pizzeria

Papa’s Pizzeria is an online restaurant management game in hot unblocked games 66. In this game, you will control the Roy who is actually the pizza delivery guy. In this unblocked game, your mission is to help Roy about running the pizzeria while Papa louse is gone. During the game, you will take order, top and bake the pizzas, cut them and present them to the customer waiting for them. Papa’s Pizzeria is all about multi-tasking. You should keep up with waiting customers while topping pizzas and watching the oven. As completing orders, you will gain tips and new customers. 

How To Play Papa’s Pizzeria

You will start the game with taking orders from your customers in the Order Station. When you see a customer who stands in line, you should click the Take Order button. By doing this, you will let Roy write the order of customer onto an order ticket. After taking an order, the customer will start to wait in the pick up line. And, you should go to the Topping Station to prepare pizza dough depending on the choices of the customer. At that point, you should keep in mind that if a customer waits too long before or after ordering, you lose points. Therefore, take order quickly, and go to the Topping Station to prepare the order quickly. 

In the Topping Station, by checking the order ticket, you can see some informations including which topping, how many of this topping and which area of the pizza. If you prepared the pizza dough, you can go to the Baking Station in order to bake the pizza. In the Baking Station, you should watch the timer next to each pizza in the oven considering the how long to cook information on the order ticket. When the pizza was baked, you can take it from the oven, and then you can divide it by using your mouse. You can check again the order ticket to learn how to cut. Now, the order of customer is finished, so you should give the pizza to the customer. 

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