Papa’s scooperia

Papa’s Scooperia, an unblocked games, is the fourteenth game of the Papa Louie’s restaurant management series. According to the story of the game, you lose all of your money, and your sightseeing trip to the big city is stopped short. Therefore, because you have no money, you stuck in Oniontown. You cannot return home. However, do not worry about that! Papa Louie is here for you with a unique solution. You can stay and run his new ice cream shop to earn money that allows you to return home. As you can see, in this game, you will be charge of a ice cream cookie sundae shop in Oniontown.

How To Play Papa’s Scooperia Unblocked

Before starting Papa’s Scooperia, you should select your character. You can choose one of Carlo Romano and Koilee. Furthermore, you can create and customize your own character. When you select the create a custom worker option, you will see the options that you can arrange. These options are the gender, hair style, facial hair, mouth height, posture, head size, hair color, height, eye height, skin color, weight, eye spacing, mouth look, eye look, eye type and extras of your character. Finally, you can complete the arrangement of your character by writing the name.

First of all, you should take the orders of customers by clicking the take order buttons above their head. After taking order, you should go to the dough station in order to make the cookies by clicking the dough station button in the bottom of the game screen. In the dough station, you should follow the instruction to make cookies. After that, you should go to the bake station to bake the cookies by clicking the bake station button in the bottom area. If the cookies are ready, you can go to the build station by clicking the build station button in the same area. In the build station, you will add ice cream, syrup, peanuts, chocolate or waffle cone depending the orders of customers.

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