Parkour Go 2

Parkour Go 2 is an action game with 3D parkour view, smooth dynamic controls, first person view, third person view, 10 challenging levels and adrenaline pumping cool music. In this 3D game, you will control a parkour free runner. While playing the game, you should run, jump and climb. 

How To Play Parkour Go 2

In Parkour Go 2, you can use the Shift, space bar, C keys, mouse scroll and W, D, S, A keys or Z, Q, S, D keys or Arrow keys. By using the W, D, S, A keys or the Z, Q, S, D keys or the Arrow keys, you can move your character. If you want to sprint, you can use the Shift key. Moreover, you can use the right mouse button or space bar in order to make your character to jump. Finally, you can change the camera view by using the mouse scroll or C ley.