Pinata Hunter 3

Pinata Hunter 3 is the third installment of a weird arcade game series. This installment has lots of new unique upgrades and features. Thanks to these upgrades and features, you have a chance to collect more candy at once in this installment. Like older versions, you will beat pinatas in order to collect candy by using some weapons such as bat, hammer, sword, cleaver, machete, katana, guitar, harry’s wand, deagle, iPhones, rubber chicken, techno prod, uber blade, Jason axe and barbed bat. 

How To Play Pinata Hunter 3 

In Pinata Hunter 3, you can use your mouse for the gameplay. By using your mouse, you should click and drag the bag which carries your candy in order to place it anywhere. Besides that, if you want to swing the weapon, you should move your mouse around. That is all about that you need to know about the game controls and gameplay.  

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