Pinturillo 2

Pinturillo 2, an unblocked game, is an online multiplayer competition game. In this amazing unblocked games, you can compete with the players from all over the world. We guess that you have played Taboo. In Taboo, there is a part of drawing the thing that was written on a play card and trying to guess what this drawing is. You remember, right? Even you have not played Taboo, yet, we are sure about you have played this kind of drawing and estimating game. While playing Pinturillo 2, you should consider these earlier game playings. Your aim is similar with them.

During the game, the players draw an assigned word without using any letters. There are also the players who try to guess what these drawings are besides the drawers. In this guessing game, you will have 3 rounds, and a round last 99 seconds. In other words, you have a time limit. Therefore, you should be very fast about figuring out the drawings. Then, you should immediately enter all words that you come to mind. If you will be one of the first winners, you will get 60 points. Depending on the time it took to get right, the other players will gain points.

How To Play Pinturillo 2 Unblocked

Before starting the game, you should select a nickname and one of language options. Language options are English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. After that, you will see 3 different playing options that are public room, private room and lobby. By selecting the public room, you will randomly join a room to play with the players from all over the world. If you select the private room, you will create your own room and provide a password in order play the game with your family and friends. When you select the lobby, you will see the available rooms. You can join one of them.

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