Pixel Warfare 5

Pixel Warfare 5, an unblocked game, is the fifth sequel of the Pixel Warfare series. The game players have thought that it is a milestone in this series in many aspects. The first and most important aspect is that you can change and build the game personally by using the build-in map editor, so all game maps and their creation is in your hands. How awesome is that, right! Furthermore, you  can build and improve your maps for a long time because they will be linked to your account. 

In the moment, when you prefer to play maps instead of building them, in your map, you can start a room or you can go into others’ rooms. During joining the others’ rooms, if you like any map, you can add it in your maps list by clicking the Download Map button. After that, you can create new rooms by using this map. The second aspect is that current state lets us, players work on this unblocked games for a longer time, and also it has potential to bring many improvements and updates in the future. 

How To Play Pixel Warfare 5 Unblocked

The controls of Pixel Warfare 5 are the S, D, A, W, Tab, X, G, E, Q, R and number keys. Like most of the other game, while you should use the S, D, A and W keys to move your character, you should use your mouse to control your weapon. In order to reload it, you should press the R key. If you want to switch your weapons, you should use either number keys or the E and Q keys. The G key is for becoming a zombie whereas the X key is for suicide. Finally, the Tab key let you open the menu.


  • A pixel Minecraft style graphics
  • 10 different types of weapons
  • 3 different playing modes that are DeathMatch, Zombies infection and Team DeathMatch
  • Extensive setup options
  • Lots of challenging levels
  • Effective multiplayer gameplay