Pixel Wars Of Hero

Pixel Wars Of Hero is like a combination of Counter Strike and Minecraft. In this unblocked game, you will control a pixel character, and your mission in the game is to kill your enemies to stay alive. 

How To Play Pixel Wars Of Hero

This epic battle game offers 5 different server options that are America, Asia, Japan, Europe and Australia. You should choose one from these 5 different options in order to start Pixel Wars Of Hero, and then you should create your profile. At that point, you will realize that there are two possible playing options. These 2 options are “create room” and “join a room”. This means that you can either join a room or create a room. 

In order to create a room, you should click the “create a room” button first. Then, you should arrange some features in the create a room section. You should decide a room name and password. Other features are round time, max players, game mode, equipments and game environment. The round time options are 5, 10, 15 and 20. The max players options are 2, 4, 8, 12 and 16. The game mode options are team deathmatch and deathmatch. The game environment options are Jk-ship, Carrier, Ship and Jk-carrier. The equipments are AK47, G36, M1014, Draqunov, L96, HonevB1, HK416 and Deaqle. 

The game controls are the space bar, Shift, Tab, Ctrl, Arrow keys, 1 to 9 number keys, left mouse button and C key. The Arrow keys are for the movement controls. You can jump by using the space bar whereas you can shoot by using the left mouse button. Also, you can open the game menu. You can prone with the Ctrl key while you can crouch with the C key. Moreover, you should use the R key to reload and you should use the Shift key to run. Finally, 1 to 9 number keys let you switch weapons.