Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is an exciting and fun tower defence game in unblocked games. According to the story of this unblocked game, your home is under attack from wave of flesh eating zombies. Thus, you should protect your home, but how? You should do this by using a variety of plants in the front garden. You can eradicate the zombies and maintain the peace with these plants. Each of these plants has different purposes and abilities. 

In this fun game, sunlight is your basic unity of currency. During the game, the sunlight points randomly drop over, so you should collect all of them to create the plants and strengthen your defence. If you need more sunlight points, you should set many sunflowers down. 

Types Of Plants

In this unblocked games 66, at the very beginning, there are 4 different type of plants. These plants are following:

  • Sunflower: Sunflowers generate additional sunlight points which should be collected to setting any types of plants down. One of them costs 50 sunlight points.
  • Shooting Flower: Shooting Flowers can shoot peas at the zombies. One of them costs 100 sunlight points.
  • Bomb Flower: Bomb Flowers explode when a zombie touches them. One of them costs 25 sunlight points.
  • Wall-nut: They can save time because they are hard to defeat. In other words, they can absorb high amounts of damages. One of them costs 50 sunlight points.

Moreover, the game will offer not only more types of plants but also additional zombies as you progress. As you can see the stronger you become, the greater variety of zombies you will face with. For example, you may face with a zombie that has traffic cones on its head. This kind of zombies is not easy to destroy. They will take longer to destroy. 

How To Play Plants vs Zombies Unblocked

In this game, you should use only your mouse to create a defence and strengthen your defence. You can place plants by clicking the left mouse button and dragging the cursor. Also, you can collect sunlight points by clicking on them. If you need to interact with menus, you should use the left mouse button.