Plazma Burst 2

Plazma Burst 2 that can be played in unblocked games 66 is the second version of Plazma Burst. It is one of wonderful shooting unblocked games. According to the story of the game, the aliens are coming for the earth and preparing for a huge invasion. Therefore, your planet is in danger. In order to get rid of this danger, you should find a time machine. As you guess, it will not that easy!

In Plazma Burst 2, one of unblocked games, you will be a deadly marine. As a deadly marine, your task is to defeat your all enemies in the map. You should wear your nano suit that allows you to slow time down and use your powers of telekinesis in order to deal with them. Also, you should buy new equipments, weapons and upgrade the current ones when you earn money.

Playing Modes Of Plazma Burst 2

In this exciting game, you will have 2 different playing modes. These modes are the multiplayer mode and the campaign mode. If you want to play the game by yourself, you should select the campaign mode. In this mode, you will have 10 levels. After completing each level, you will gain money. When you start it, the game will offer the chance to customize your character by using that money.

How To Play Plazma Burst 2

There are 11 keyboard keys that is important for you in this game. These are the A, W, D, S, G, E, Z, X, C, V and Q keys. In order to aim and shoot, you should use your mouse. The W, A, S and D keys are for controlling your character movement. You can also use the Arrow Keys for moving your character. The G key is for grenade. The E key should be used in order to open doors and advance through the level by activating switches.

Moreover, you should press the Z key for time warp. As the X key is for falling, the C key is for kinetic module. The V key should be used in order to drop the current weapon. You can also press the Q key in order to take last weapon used. Finally, you should use the number keys or the mouse wheel for changing your weapon.

Game Options

In the options section of the game, you can customize lots of options such as screen flash effect, display quality, effects quality, physics quality, always use new weapon, cursor crosshair, sound effect volume, music volume, tooltips, hints, camera movement and violence.

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