Raft Wars

Raft Wars developed by Martijn Kunst is a turn-base shooter game. We guess that your familiar that kind of games. However, it differs from other games with its unique story. Depending on the story of the game, there is a cheerful little fellow named as Simon. While he is having a fun afternoon at the beach, he is about to make an amazing discovery that may change his life forever. During grubbing up the sand, firstly he found golds, then he found diamonds. This means that he is rich now! The good news soon was publish into the newspapers with the “Boy Discovers Treasure” title. A pirate in the middle of ocean heard the rumors, and said that the treasure is mine! Then, Simon teams up with his brother in order to defend what’s rightfully his!

In this unblocked games with kid friendly looking art style, you will control the Simon, and your mission is to help him defend his treasure. You will face with different types of bad men including pirates, mafias and Vikings in each stage. After completing each stage, you will see that the enemies have more advance weapons and they are in locations to hit harder, so the difficulty level increases. 

How To Play Raft Wars Unblocked

In order to arrange the angle and force of your shot, you should use your mouse in Raft Wars, an unblocked game. You should move your mouse to aim the shot and then you should press the left mouse button to fire your weapon. Depending on how you arrange the angle and force of the shot, and what kind of weapon you use, the damage differs. In order to cause more damage, you should use credits for buying weapon such as missiles and grenades. Also, you can upgrade your raft with the credits to strengthen the defence.