Road Of The Dead 2

Road Of The Dead 2 is an adrenalin pumping cool mix of racing and shooting game. In this crazy unblocked games, you will experience the ultimate bloody zombie madness. Your mission is to drive the gas guzzler as far as possible and defeat all zombies. Besides that, there are some special achievements in this game. You can check them all by clicking the achievements button on the main menu.

Playing Modes Of Road Of The Dead 2 Unblocked

The game can be played in 4 different playing modes. These are the lost guns, challenge modes, user campaigns and campaign editor. In the lost guns mode, you will control one of two soldier who are trying to escape the quarantined city. With the challenge modes, you can test your survival skills in 5 challenge modes against time. In order to experience awesome stories created by other users, you can play the game in the use campaigns mode. Finally, you can create your own campaigns in the campaign editor mode.

How To Play Road Of The Dead 2

In Road Of The Dead 2, you will use the A, D, W, S, F, space bar and Shift for vehicle controls. In order to steer the vehicle left and right, you should press the A and D keys. The W key allows you to accelerate whereas the S key lets you brake. Also, you can swerve or interact by pressing the space bar. You should use the F key to horn. If you want to switch driver, you should use Shift.

For tapon controls, you will use the R, Q and E keys. After finishing the ammo, if you want to reload your gun, you should press the R key. In order to cycle previous, you should press the Q key whereas you should press the E key to cycle next. Finally, you can pause the game by using the P key.