Rogue Buddies

Rogue Buddies, one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games, is a side scrolling adventure action game. You can see this game also in unblocked games 66. According to the story, there are 4 mercenaries. These mercenaries had a quest about protecting a camp in the jungle near a gold mine. However, they changed their mind when the gold appeared. Then, their boss overheard them talking about keeping the gold for themselves. For that reason, their evil boss kidnapped them. Therefore, in this one of unblocked games, your mission is to save your crew by defeating all enemies and take revenge on this evil boss by gathering as much gold as possible.

4 mercenaries in this a 2D action platform game are Maximus, Smoke, Alpha Tech and Duster. Each mercenary is good at different fields. For example; the Maximus is assault and grenade specialist. Moreover, the Smoke is rocket launcher and heavy gunner. As the Alpha Tech is shield and drones specialist, the Duster is katana and jumping ninja.

How To Play Rogue Buddies

In Rogue Buddies, you will use the Arrow keys, Z, X, C and V keys for controlling your character to rescue your crew through the dry desert, hot molten volcanoes and endless jungle. The Arrow keys that are the Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow and Right Arrow are used for classical movements. In order to use the first weapon, you should press the Z key while you should press the X key for using the second weapon. In addition, the C key is for action. Finally, you can change your character by using the V key.

Tricks and Tips For Rogue Buddies

This game is full of over 50 levels with enemies and puzzles. Throughout the levels of the game, you will face with danger most of the time by visiting epic tunnels and lost cities. Besides that, you will see ruins and go into the depths of caverns. You will have 4 different types of enemy during your path. These are the heavy gunners, natives, regular henchmen and blockers. You should be very careful about the natives because they are quick and hard to kill. Also you should not underestimate the blockers. They will try to prevent you from accessing the certain places.

In the game, you will have 3 types of vehicles that are chopper, bike and ski boat for some levels. While, in some levels, the vehicles are need to complete the stage, they are optional in other levels.

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