Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2, an unblocked games, is the second extended version of Rogue Soul series. Like the first installment, you should bash enemies and steal their loots while running. Also, you should jump or slide in order to avoid the obstacles through your path.

How To Play Rogue Soul 2 Unblocked

As the game controls, you should use either the Arrow keys, Z and X keys or the W, S, D, A, J and K keys. By using either the Left and Right Arrows or the A and D keys, you can move your character backward and forward. Also, you can make your character jump with the W key or Up Arrow. The Down Arrow and S key let you drop down. Moreover, while the Z and J keys are for sliding, the X and K keys are for throwing.

Shop Section Of Rogue Soul 2

In the shop section of the game, there are 3 main groups that are upgrades, black market and moves. The upgrades group contains 9 different items. These items are following

  • Armor: You should purchase in order to increase armor resistance. Its price is 2000 loots.
  • Agility: If you want to increase your speed, you should purchase this. Its price is 300 loots.
  • Dodge: This gives you a chance to dodge attacks. Its price is 750 loots.
  • Dexterity: This allows you to throw projectiles faster. Its price is 450 loots.
  • Ammunition: You can increase your starting number of projectiles by purchasing this. Its price is 550 loots.
  • Piercing: In order to increase chances that your projectile passes through an enemy, you should buy this. Its price is 450 loots.
  • Prospect: You can increase the total Soulons with this. Its price is 380 loots.
  • Luck: By purchasing this, you can increase chances to find items. Its price is 650 loots.
  • Gliding: This allows you to increase glide duration. Its price is 600 loots.

Besides that, in the black market group, there are 6 items. These items are following:

  • Springs Boots
  • Skullpet Amulet
  • Broken Soulon
  • Cursed Gauntlet
  • Statues
  • Arena

Furthermore, the moves groups consists of 5 moves. These moves are following:

  • Stab: 1000 loots
  • Back Flip: 1000 loots
  • Headbutts: 1000 loots
  • Drop Kick: 1000 loots
  • Up Slash: 1000 loots