Secret Agent

Secret Agent
Secret Agent that is an unblocked game is a fascinating adventure and action game. According to the story of this unblocked game, in 1940, some cryptologists has intercepted a secret massage which was really important. The general firstly asked to the specialist to crack this code. However, they were not able to crack it. Then, the general decided to send one of her best agents to Germany on mission. This chosen experienced secret agent is you, of course! In this awesome adventure game, your mission has two objectives. The first one is to find encrypting machine enigma and transmitter. The second one is to find all parts of wermach maps.

How To Play Secret Agent

In Secret Agent, one of platform games, you should use the Arrow keys, S, A, space bar, Shift and Ctrl in order to achieve your assigned two objectives. You can shoot your enemies on your path by pressing either the S key or Ctrl key. Also, you can jump by pressing either the A key or space bar. In order to climb, you should use one of the Up Arrow and Down Arrow. The Left Arrow and Right Arrow allow you to walk around. If you want to run, you should use combination of Shift and one of Arrow keys.

Tricks and Tips For Secret Agent

During your adventure, you will see many parts of the map. Do not forget that you should collect all of them. You should not miss any of them. Besides that, you should be very careful about saving your lives. Because you have limited lives. When you die more than 5 times, you will lose the game. Also, there is one more thing that is limited in this game: your ammo. You have only 10 bullets, so you should use your gun wisely.

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