Short Life

Short Life which is one of unblocked games that can be played everywhere without blocked is an interesting platform game. You will experience how the life really can be short in this game! You are going to confront with plenty of traps that are placed in your path in order to destroy you. In this situation, you should really be careful while controlling your character during the game. In other words, you should watch your back in order to stay alive. 

Your character is a middle aged man in Short Life, a game in hot unblocked games. You will try to guide your character throughout a series of different levels. Actually, we are talking about 16 levels. The good news! Yes, it is right, you are going to have 16 fun levels to complete during the game!

On each level, you should watch out for many obstacles such as spikes, mines and other devastating traps. When you fall into any traps, you will feel like you are in a movie of Quentin Tarantino. Everywhere in the screen will be your blood and pieces of your character’s body. You will experience unimaginable harms. For example, when you step on a mine, you will definitely see your tiny gory pieces in the air. Therefore, you should avoid causing him any harm. You should avoid contact with the spikes, jump over the mines, and also look out for other destroying traps.

You can also guess staying alive is not going to be enough for completing a level of the game. Besides that, you should collect the stars in order to pass each level of the game. The start will appear on your path. Be careful about not missing any of them. 

How To Play Short Life Unblocked

In order to control your male character throughout a series of various levels, you should use some keyboard keys. These keys are Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Right Arrow, Left Arrow, A and D keys. You can move your character to the right side of the screen by pressing either the D key or Right Arrow. You can also move your character to the left side of the screen by using either the A key or Left Arrow. Moreover, you should press the Up Arrow in order to make your character jump or stand up from crouch position. You can make your character crouch by pressing the Down Arrow. If you want to pause the game, you should press the P key. Also, you can restart the game with the R key. 


In the options section of the game, one of unblocked games, you can customize the music and sound effects. You can either enable or disable these two options. If you want to open options section during the game, you should press the P key.