Snail Bob 8

Snail Bob 8 that is one of unblocked games like ones in unblocked games 66 is the last installment of Snail Bob series. In this new installment, you will have more levels to complete. In other words, you will have more challenges. Your mission is really simple. You will manage the little bob snail explore along his path and reach the exit doors in this game. You should keep in mind that his path is not that safety. You will face with lots od snags during his path, so you should protect the bob snail from these snags.

This one of unblocked games provides 30 levels. In each level, there are 3 hidden stars. You should collect all of them by clicking over them. As you can see, there are 90 stars are waiting for you to be collected.

How To Play Snail Bob 8 Unblocked

When you start Snail Bob 8, the bob snail will walk automatically. Therefore, you do not need to worry about moving him. You will just make him turn around, run faster and go into his shell. Besides that, sometimes you need to interact with the game environment and collect 3 hidden stars in each scenes. In order to do these, you will use the left mouse button, space bar, 1 and 2 keys.

By pressing the space bar, you can make the bob snail go into his shell. This is a safety position for him, so when you see some troubles are coming to the bob snail, you should use the space bar. If you want to interact with the game environment and some objects, you should use the left mouse button. Besides that, you can make the bob snail turn around with either the 1 key or the button in the top right of game screen. Finally, the 2 key or the button in the top right of game screen allows you to make the bob snail run faster.