Sol Wars

Sol Wars is an amazing spaceship battle game with Sci-fi 3D multiplayer battle arena. This game offers realistic 3D graphics, awesome effects, energy system and 3 different space ship to use. In this spaceship battle, you will control a super cool airship. Also, you will have some pilots in your team to collaborate. You and other pilots in your team should work together to compete against the opponent team. You should destroy as many spaceship as possible!

How To Play Sol Wars

In Sol Wars, you can use the W, Up Arrow, S, Down Arrow, A, D, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Shift, C, M keys and your mouse as the game controls. Your mouse lets you aim and shoot while the Shift key allows you to use Turbo power. Moreover, you can thrust by using either the W key or Up Arrow, and you can slow by using either the S key or the Down Arrow. Also, you can use the A and D keys or Left and Right Arrows in order to strafe. 

Besides that, for cockpit, you can press the C key as you can press the M key for playing the game in mute mode. 

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