Sports Heads Soccer

Sports Heads Soccer is the most intense and addictive football game in hot unblocked games. In this game, you should pick your favorite premier league team. After this, you should lead them to glory by scoring the mouse goals during 1 minute. 

It is really important to get the various power ups in Sports Heads Soccer, one of unblocked games. Because, this will increase your chances of victory. In order to get these power ups, you can either kick the ball over them or move your character into them. Moreover, when you win more games, you can upgrade your character, so you can become an invincible soccer champion. 

Playing Modes Of Sports Heads Soccer

In this game, you will have 2 different playing modes. These modes are 1 player mode and 2 players mode. With these 2 options, you can play the game that is in hot unblocked games either with your friends or alone. When you select 1 player mode, you will play the game against the computer, but when you choose 2 players mode, you will play it against one of your friends. 

How To Play Sports Heads Soccer

First of all, you should choose one of 2 playing modes. As we mentioned earlier you will play the game against either the computer or your friend depending your chose. Then, you should select your player, and click New Game button to start the game. During this soccer game, you will have 10 matches. In order to win the championship, you have to win all of these matches. Each match lasts 1 minute. During this 1 minute, creating the balance of attack and defence is very important!

You can play it against computer by selecting 1 player mode. If you select 1 player mode, you will play football against the computer. In order to control your character, you should use the Arrow keys and space bar. While pressing the Left Arrow leads to move your character to the left side, using the Right Arrow leads to move the character to the right side. The Up Arrow should be used to jump or head the ball. Also, the space bar allows you to kick the ball. 

By selecting 2 players mode, you can play the game against your friend. If you choose 2 players mode, the first player will use same keys with 1 player mode for controlling. However, the second player will use the W, A, P and D keys for that. As the A key is for moving the left side, the D key allows you to move the right side. Moreover, in order to jump or head the ball, the W key should be used. Finally, the P key let you kick the ball.