Strike Force Heroes 2

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As you guess, Strike Force Heroes 2 is the second installment of Strike Force Heroes series. In this game, you aim is to take hold the enemy space station at any price. In order to reach that aim, you should create strategic plans. During the game, after a match, you should customize your soldiers with lots of upgrades, passive skills, armor and weapons.

How To Play Strike Force Heroes 2

In Strike Force Heroes 2, you can move your soldier by using either Arrow keys or the W, D, S, A keys. In order to jump, you should press one of the Up Arrow, space bar and W. On the other hand, you should press either the Down Arrow or S key to crouch. While you should move your mouse in order to aim the enemy, you should click the left mouse button to shoot him or her. Also, you can switch the weapons by pressing either Shift or Q key.

Soldier Classes

In this exciting game, there 5 different soldier classes. These classes are general, mercenary, engineer, juggernaut and sniper. Each of them can be effective in certain situations. Therefore, you should know them better in order to be the winner of combats. Lets try to know these classes better:

  • The General: This class has a really useful equipment, so you should change it as quickly as possible. As a general, you should get full auto and hair trigger skills if you use magnums.
  • The Mercenary: This class has machine guns with terrible range. However, throughout the progress of levels, the mercenary will have Kriss Kard which has very good range. For that reason, as a mercenary, you can be most effective in nearly point blank range. Besides that, at lon range, you can use a pistol in order to weaken your enemies.
  • The Engineer: This class has a good equipment, so you do not need to change it. Nevertheless, if you wish, you can fiddle with it. As an engineer, you should shoot your enemy from long range if he or she has a shotgun. On the other hand, if his or her weapon is a sniper, you should get up close and empty on him or her. Also, you should try to move around.
  • The Juggernaut: As a juggernaut, you need a good shotgun. With this class, you should generally perform one shooting.
  • The Sniper: If you have a dragunov, the first thing that you need to do is to replace it as soon as possible.

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