Super Transformation

Super Transformation, one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games, is an exciting Power Rangers action game. Power Rangers has been a television program for a while. Power Rangers consists of five ordinary teens. After a while, these five ordinary teens became extraordinary rescuers with superpowers that they got from a wizard. These powerful teens are the only hope of their town, Angel Grove, to get rid of monsters from outer space.

When these teens chosen by the destiny discovered they are the only hope of their small town, they banded together as the Power Rangers. Power Rangers have battled lots of troubles up to today. However, this time, they will have to deal with the worst one that is the evil Master Xandred. The evil Master Xandred prepared to bring about the end of our world with his army of Nighloks. Therefore, in this one of unblocked games, your mission is to defeat the evil Master Xandred and his weird army in order to prevent them.

In Super Transformation, you will start to play with the red ranger called as Jayden. However, you can also play with other Power Rangers. Other rangers are the pink ranger Mia, the green ranger Mike, the blue ranger Kevin and the yellow ranger Emily. Each of them has special skills. For example; as the blue one, Kevin can throw fire balls, the pink one, Mia can detect hidden mines. Also, the yellow one, Emily can change to yellow balls. The green one, Mike can throw explosive seeds.

Throughout the levels of Super Transformation, you will deal with many obstacles. You should use all rangers’ skills wisely in order to get rid of all of these obstacles. You should not be attacked by any of them. Because when you are attacked, you will lose the points of HP bar. If the HP drops to zero, you will lose this battle, so also the game.

How To Play Super Transformation

In this entertaining game, you should 2 keyboard keys to move your character. These keys are the Right Arrow and Left Arrow. While, you will use the Left Arrow in order to move your range to the backward, you will press the Right Arrow for moving him or her to the forward. Besides that, you will use the Up Arrow to perform your jumping skills. Also, you will press the space bar to activate each power ranger’s special skill.

Earlier we mentioned that you can play with other Power Rangers by calling them. In order to call other Power Rangers, you should hold the Z key, and then, you should press one of the Arrow keys to pick one of four rangers. If you want to back to the main character of this game, Jayden, you should press the Z key. If you need to swing on branches, you should call Mike. After calling him, you should press the Up Arrow in order to grab a branch. Then, you should press the Up Arrow again to reach other branch while swinging.

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