Superfighters which one of unblocked games in also unblocked games 66 is a fighting and action game. This game is all about little men mashing, burning shooting, smashing, blowing and stabbing each other. It is best know for its very cute art style that can give the feeling like playing a classic video games such as Mario, Conta, etc. In this unique game, your mission is to battle against your enemies and stay alive. Throughout the game, you will fight over and over. After defeating a team, you will see immediately another one to fight. This is the flow of the game, so it seems it has no end.

Playing Modes Of Superfighters Unblocked

In this one of unblocked games, there are mainly 2 different playing modes. These modes are 1 player and 2 players modes. Furthermore, each playing mode has 3 options that are VS mode, Stage mode and Survival mode. You can select VS mode in order to fight against up to 7 opponents. In this mode, you can select one of seven characters. These characters are Johnny, Boris, Agent, Billy, Scott, Mac and Jeff. Also, you can choose one of six stages. These stages are storage, rooftop, police station, hazardous, backstreets and testing floor. The game also offers you infinite, first to 3, first to 5, first to 10, best of 3, best of 5 and best of 10 game modes in VS mode.

If you select stage mode, you will try to complete 12 maps, so 12 challenges. After completing all challenges, a new player skin will unlock. You can also select your character in this mode. Finally, in the survival mode, after selecting your character, you will fight wave after wave of enemies during a limited time. In this mode, you should try to survive and defeat all enemies as fast as possible.

How To Play Superfighters Unblocked

In Superfighters, as the first player, you will use the Arrow keys, N, M, “,” and “.” in order to fight against the enemies by controlling your character. In order to move your character to the left and right side, you should press the Left and Right Arrow. The Up Arrow is for jumping whereas the Down Arrow is for crouching. For melee, you should use the N key. Also, you can shoot your enemies by pressing the M key. “,” is for grenade, and finally, “.” allows you to power up.

If you select 2 players mode, the second player will use the A, W, S, D, 1, 2, 3 and 4 keys to control him or her character. The W key is for jumping whereas the S key is to crouch. In order to move your character, the second player should use the A and D keys. While “1” is for melee, “3” is for grenade. “2” allows the second player to shoot the enemies. Finally, “4” should be used to power up.