Battle Royale Battle Royale, one of unblocked games like in unblocked games 66, is the most popular free browser based multiplayer online battle game. In this online battle game, your mission is to kill all your enemies. In other words, during the game, you will battle against your enemies on a large town map from a top down perspective by using a variety of different weapons, clothing, utility items and armor.

There are 9 different types of weapons that are throwables, Submachine Guns, melee weapons, Sniper Rifles, pistols, shotguns, Light Machine Guns, Assault Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifles.

  • Throwables are smoke grenades and frag grenades.
  • Submachine Guns consist of MAC-10, MP5, Vector and UMP9.
  • Melee weapons are huntsman, bayonet, pan, karambit, hook, wood axe and fists.
  • Sniper Rifles are SV-98, Mosin-Nagant and AWM-S.
  • Pistols consist of Flare Gun, OT-38, M9, Desert Eagle and G18C.
  • Shotguns are M870, SPAS-12, MP220 and Saiga-12.
  • Light Machine Guns contain M249, QBB-97 and DP-28.
  • Assault Rifles are M416, FAMAS, AK-47 and SCAR-H.
  • Designated Marksman Rifles contain MK 12 SPR, M39 EMR and M1 Garand.

Besides that, the game offers a variety of ammunitions as different colored squares. These are 7 colored squares. They are following:

  • First, Orange colored square is for Vector, M9, G18C, UMP9, MP5 and MAC10.
  • Second, Red colored square is for M870, SPAS-12, MP220 and Saiga-12.
  • Third, Blue colored square is for SCAR-H, DP-28, M1 Garand, OT-38, Mosin-Nagant, DP-28, SV-98 and M39 EMR.
  • Fourth, Green colored square is for M249, FAMAS, QBB-97, M416 and MK 12 SPR.
  • Fifth, Black colored square is for Desert Eagle.
  • Sixth, Gray colored square is for AWM-S.
  • Seventh, Brown colored square is for Flare Gun.

How To Play Battle Royale Unblocked

In Battle Royale, you will use the A, W, D and S keys for the classic movements. In order to aim you enemy, you should use your mouse. For shoot or melee, you should click the left mouse button. Besides that, you should use the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys or the mouse wheel in order to change weapons. For previous weapon, you should press the Q key. After finishing all ammo, you should press the R key to reload your gun. Moreover, you can pick up some items by using the F key. Finally, if you want to cancel an action, you should press the X key.

Tricks and Tips For Battle Royale

Here are some tips for Battle Royale:

  • First of all, you should know the bullets can bounce. Therefore, you should use terrain and walls.
  • You should avoid the barrels. Because when you punch them, they will explode and cause your death.
  • You can find some armor and weapons by punching the trees and rocks.