Swords and Souls

Swords and Souls was created and released by Soul Studio. In this battle game, you will create a soul and train that soul to fight against some enemies. When you start to fight in the Arena, you will start to earn money. Then, you will use that money to buy some weapons and upgrades your skills. Are you ready to be the biggest hero of all time?

How To Play Swords and Souls

Before starting Swords and Souls, you should create your soul, your character, by selecting hair style, face type, facial hair type, hair color and facial hair color. After creating your soul, you will meet with Sir Scarow. He said that fighting in the Arena could make your famous and rich. Then, you will start to fight in the Arena. When you lose a battle, Sir Scarow will wait you in the training room. 

In the training room, first of all, you should train your strength by purchasing a sword. The sword controls are the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow and Down Arrow. 

  • Left Arrow: In order to attack to back, you should press the Left Arrow.
  • Right Arrow: In order to attack to forward, you should press the Right Arrow.
  • Up Arrow: In order to attack to up, you should press the Up Arrow.
  • Down Arrow: In order to attack to down, you should press the Down Arrow.

Secondly, you should train the block by purchasing a shield. The shield controls is the mouse. You should move your mouse to the directions that apples come while you collect the stars. After completing block training, the Hero and Shop sections will be unlocked. In the Hero section, you can buy and increase some hero skills. In the Shop section, you can buy some armor, weapon and shield.