Tank Trouble 2

The Tank Trouble 2 unblocked games will be added on 20.08.2018

Tank Trouble 2, one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games, is a tank shooter, arcade and fun flash game. In this game, you will have a tank to destroy your opponent tank. There is only one purpose of you in the game that is based on the original version tank trouble. It is to get the highest score ever by shooting other thanks.

When the game start, the tank are placed in a maze that is a difficulty game map. Therefore, we guess that you may have trouble with movement in this maze, but you are going to figure out how to do it.

Playing Modes Of Tank Trouble 2

The most unusual and new thing about Tank Trouble 2, one of unblocked games, is it offers multi multiplayer playing modes. This means that you can play this game with 1 player mode, 2 players mode and even 3 players mode. Right, you can play the game with 3 people on one device! In the first version of Tank Trouble series, this option have not been available.

How To Play Tank Trouble 2

Before starting the game, you should choose one of playing modes. If you prefer to play against the computer, you should select 1 player mode. If you want to play against one of your friends, you can choose 2 players mode. Furthermore, you can select 3 players mode, when you want to play the game with two of your friends.

In 1 player mode, you will use the Arrow keys, M key and space bar to control your tank. The Arrow keys are for classical movement controls. The M key or space bar allow you to shoot other tanks.

In 2 players mode, the second player will use the S, E, F, D and Q keys to control his or her tank. The S, E, F and D keys are for classical movement controls. The Q key allow the second player to shoot.

Finally, in 3 players mode, the first and the second players controls are same with the other two modes. However, the third player will use the mouse for controlling his or her tank. The third player can move the tank by moving the mouse. Also, by clicking the left mouse button, he or she can shoot other tanks.

Tricks and Tips For Tank Trouble 2

Here is tips for you! If you want to get a special point you should try to destroy the opponent tanks by shooting the maze’s walls. Therefore, you should try to make the bullets bounce off. Also, you should watch for some items to take advantages of them. Throughout the game, you may see some items. When you pick up them, you will have more power, and this will make you more stronger.