Tanki Online

Tanki Online is a tank battle game. This tank game has realistic objects and 3D maps. In the game, you will battle against other online players by controlling a tank. Your tank can be customizable. In order to customize it, you can buy tank paints and tank parts such as gun turret, gull and armor plating. 

How To Play Tanki Online

In Tanki Online, you can use the W, D, S, A, space bar, delete, C, Z, X and Arrow keys as the game controls. While you can move your tank with either the Arrow keys or the W, D, S, A keys, you can move the turret with the X and Z keys. The X key lets you move it right and the Z key allows you to move it left. Also, you can make the turret center by using the C key. By using the space bar, you can fire and you can commit a suicide by using the Delete key.