Tetris Unblocked

Tetris Unblocked is a matching type puzzle game in hot unblocked games. The first version of this game was released in 1984, so you face with an nostalgic game! In this matching type puzzle game, there will be lots of incoming pieces named as tetriminos. The first thing that you know about the game is these tetriminos will fall down randomly. The second thing is you should create horizontal lines without gaps by moving and rotating the tetrimonis. 

How To Play Tetris Unblocked

In Tetris Unblocked, you can use the P, Up Arrow, Q, Down Arrow, Right Arrow and Down Arrow keys as the game controls. When you need a break, you can use the P key to pause the game. Also, you can use the Q key in order to quite the game. Besides that, while you can change the rotation of tetriminos by pressing the Up Arrow, you can allow them to fall down faster by using the Down Arrow. Finally, the Left and Right Arrow keys let you move the tetrimonis left and right.

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