The Visitor Returns

The Visitor Returns which is a science fiction horror puzzle game is one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games. In this game, your character is an alien worm on a campground. Therefore, you will try to solve the puzzles on each scene of the game by controlling it and interacting with the elements in the screen. By solving the puzzles, you will also help the alien worm to eat all living creatures in the scenes. When your character eats these creatures, it will absorb their vital juices. After absorbing the vital juices, the alien worm will become larger and more powerful. 

In The Visitor Returns that is one of unblocked games, you should click on every clickable items in order to figure out how you can use them to distract the specified living creature on each scene and eat them all. In order words, you should try every possibilities in order to help the alien worm to eat more and more. Probably, it looks like the goal in this game is a little bit weird. However, you will enjoy having the power. Also, you will definitely want to know what will happen in the next scene and the most important, the final scene! 

Finally, you should keep in mind that you can have trouble with some puzzles, but never give up. Because, there is nothing that cannot be solved with your intelligence! So, be patient and use it!  

How To Play The Visitor Returns

In order to achieve your goal which is to kill every living creatures in the screen by solving puzzles, it is enough to use your mouse. Therefore, you should just click the items and characters on the screen by using the left mouse button. 

Tricks and Tips For The Visitor Returns

If you stuck in a puzzle and you cannot pass another scene, you can take a look at tricks and tips about the game. However, remember you can do this if you really think you did your best certainly and still it is not happening. 

The Visitor Returns consists of 5 different scenes. Therefore, this means that you will have 5 levels. These levels are the Raccoon, Spider and Skunk, Scorpion and Dog, Man and Woman. we will explain how to complete each level of the game. 

The Raccoon

First of all, in the Raccoon scene, you should follow these steps:

  • pull the lamp cord
  • plug in this cord to the mower
  • turn on the mower to make the raccoon run away
  • click on the toolbox to open it
  • take the hammer in the toolbox
  • knock the wood off the left side of the stick on the trash can
  • remove the stick by clicking on it
  • take down the trash can and jump in the garbage
  • eat the raccoon

The Spider and Skunk

Secondly, in the Spider and Skunk scene, you should follow these steps:

  • pick up the can and throw it to the spiderweb
  • then eat the spider
  • pick up the log and magazine, and put them in the fire pit
  • check the jacket for lighter 
  • light the campfire
  • throw another can on the campfire
  • then eat the skunk
  • click the cracked window

The Scorpion and Dog

Thirdly, in the Scorpion and Dog scene, you should follow these steps:

  • first eat the scorpion
  • click the fridge to open
  • throw the hotdogs
  • go outside by using the window
  • then eat the dog
  • go inside of the caravan

The Man

Fourthly, in the man scene, you should follow these steps:

  • rattle the dishes
  • take down the cigarettes
  • click the first cupboard to find the spray
  • take the lighter on the ground
  • use it with the spray
  • take down him
  • go through the window.

The Woman

Finally, in the woman scene, you should follow these steps:

  • click to cooler to open it, and take beer
  • go through the window
  • use different possibilities to eat the woman

Consequently, you have finished the game!


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