Tomb Runner

Tomb Runner is an enjoyable running game. In this game, your character will start automatically running. You should control his or her while running, and you should never look your back. There will be lots of obstacles, power-ups and gems on your path. While you should dodge obstacles, you should collect all power-ups and gems. In order to get the highest points, you should collect all gems, power-ups and run as far as possible.  

Characters Of Tomb Runner

In Tomb Runner, one of unblocked game, you can choose and play with one of 6 different characters. These 6 character are following:

  • Professor Jones: He is the default character of this game.
  • Lara Bones: You can purchase this character by using 300 gems.
  • Mummy: You can purchase this character by using 500 gems.
  • Agent 99: You can purchase this character by using 1000 gems.
  • Disco Dancer: You can purchase this character by using 2000 gems.
  • Cubeman: You can purchase this character by using 5000 gems.


Here are 10 achievements of this game:

  • Cubeman’s Fan: You should unlock Cubeman in order to get the Cubeman’s Fan achievement.
  • Gold Scarab: You should unlock Mummy for taking the Gold Scarab achievement.
  • Give Me 2: You should get 50 multipliers for gaining the Give Me 2 achievement.
  • Tesla Is Coming: You should get 20 magnets to take the Tesla Is Coming achievement.
  • You Should Not Pass: You should get 10 shields in order to gain the You Should Not Pass achievement.
  • For A Rainy Day: You should other 2000 coins for getting the For A Rainy Day achievement.
  • My Precious: You should other 10000 coins to reach the My Precious achievement.
  • First Step: You should run 200 meters to get the First Step achievement.
  • Go Go Go: You should run 1000 meters for reaching the Go Go Go achievement.
  • Adventurer: You should run 3000 meters for getting the Adventurer achievement.

How To Play Tomb Runner

The game controls are the Arrow keys. While the Up Arrow is for jumping, the Down Arrow is for sliding down. Moreover, the Left and the Right Arrows should be should for turning left and right.