Toon Cup 2018

Toon Cup 2018 is a whacky cartoon soccer game in hot unblocked games. You can start this fun soccer game with cool soundtrack by choosing one from many Cartoon Network’s cartoon characters. You can choose a character from Ben 10, Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, Gumball, Regular Show or Teen Titans Go. 

Each teams in this game has 3 players. One of these 3 players is a captain, and others are team members. While playing the game, you should try to create a perfect them by considering each player has unique weaknesses and strengths. 

How To Play Toon Cup 2018

In Toon Cup 2018, you can use the space bar and the W, D, S, A keys or the Arrow keys as the game controls. You should use the W, D, S, A keys or the Arrow keys in order to move your cartoon characters. Also, you should use the space bar in order to pass the ball and tackle.